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Logo Design

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Convert your desktop into a mobile friendly website

Desktop Website

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Desktop Website


I have been in the graphic and web design business for fifteen years and in that time I have seen a lot of changes. The one that has increased substantially is how people access businesses and information on the Internet by using their mobile devices.
In order to keep competitive you must think serioursly if your existing website is failing when it comes to being mobile friendly.

I offer several types of web design for going mobile:

Budget Friendly Mobile Website: This option will give you a basic setup using a scaled down version of your existing website. It would automatically direct mobile devices to the mobile friendly website for easy viewing. Your mobile site will be able to have the same colour scheme, images, etc. It is just pared down so that mobile users would not have to spend a lot of time flipping around a large site, instead they can easily and quickly access the most important information about your business.
Example: Services, Location, Contact
Note: This type of mobile site works independantly of an existing desktop site.
This is ideal for businesses who have a large site and/or are on a limited budget but still need the advantage of having mobile users access them easily.
Includes: One page design divided into 3 sections (3 pg) - $150

Classic Mobile Friendly Website: This option is for small businesses that don't have an existing website and are on a tight budget.
This type of site complies with the mobile friendly rules however your vistors may have to pinch and zoom to view content.
Email for a quote or more information

Responsive Website: Responsive websites automatically resize images and page content sections based on the width of the screen or device you are using to view it. This is a full working website, it will conform to todays demands of being 'mobile friendly' and the standards that have been set.
This option is geared for businesses who are needing a complete new website or need a website makeover and opt to have a one design fits all type of website. (This site was built with a Responsive one-page design: multiple page design also available)
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Graphic Design

  • Logo design
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Business card design

All print work will be supplied as a .pdf and .jpg file to use with all your advertising needs.

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